The best 5 star hotels in Key West, United States in 2019

Time to visit Key West? Just rely on our rating of the best 5 star hotels. We think about comfort, your pleasure and time to choose the best ones to stay at.

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Casa Marina Beach & Resort Club Waldorf Astoria

Located on a private beach along the shore, Casa Marina Beach & Resort Club Waldorf Astoria is a historic 1920s resort offering oceanside massages and 2...

Hotel rating: 7.4 (649 votes)    Price: ≈ $327


The Reach Resort Waldorf Astoria

In Key West's Old Town, this beachfront Reach Resort Waldorf Astoria features a 150-yard private beach and rooms with a private balcony.

Hotel rating: 7.3 (423 votes)    Price: ≈ $330


Sunset Key Cottages

Sunset Key Cottages in Key West, FL, is accessible by the 24-hour Margaritaville Key West Resort & Marina ferry and is adjacent to Key West Aquarium.

Hotel rating: 9 (101 votes)    Price: ≈ $950