The best 5 star hotels in Ko Chang, Thailand in 2019

Time to visit Ko Chang? Just rely on our rating of the best 5 star hotels. We think about comfort, your pleasure and time to choose the best ones to stay at.

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The Emerald Cove Koh Chang

Boasting an outdoor pool with stunning views of the ocean, Emerald Cove Koh Chang is located just a few steps away from the private beach.

Hotel rating: 8.8 (543 votes)    Price: ≈ $71


Sea View Koh Chang

Located along the beach with views of 4 islands, Sea View Koh Chang is only a 10-minute kayak ride from Koh Man Nai.

Hotel rating: 8.7 (980 votes)    Price: ≈ $75


Parama Koh Chang

Located a 10-minute drive to Trat mangrove forest, Parama Koh Chang offers free WiFi throughout the property.

Hotel rating: 7.7 (298 votes)    Price: ≈ $39