The best 3 star hotels in Chefchaouene, Morocco in 2019

Time to visit Chefchaouene? Just rely on our rating of the best 3 star hotels. We think about comfort, your pleasure and time to choose the best ones to stay at.

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Hotel Atlas Asmaa

Hotel Asmaa is located on a hilltop in Chefchaouen. It offers rooms with balconies and views of the medina or the mountains, and outdoor swimming pool.

Hotel rating: 5.6 (329 votes)    Price: ≈ $68


Hotel Chaouen

Hotel Chaouen is located just a 19-minute walk from the Kasbah of Chefchaouen, between the Kelaa and Meggou Mountains.

Hotel rating: 5.8 (51 votes)    Price: ≈ $33